Information about your Library PIN – The Sir Duncan Rice Library

Did you know that you need a PIN to use the self-service machines in The Sir Duncan Rice Library?

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To be able to borrow and renew items using the self-service machines, you just need your student ID and a PIN. This is a four-digit number of your choice, which you can set up with a member of staff at the Information Centre on Floor 1 or at the Information Points and offices on Floors 3, 4, 5, and 6.

For details on borrowing and returning books, see our post from last week!

Did You Know…? How to print using MFDs

Printing with MFDs: networked PCs, wireless & cloud-based printing

Any printing on campus is via networked multi-function devices (MFDs). You can send files for printing from a classroom PC or your personal laptop. There are printers in or near all PC classrooms and at least one printer on each floor of The Sir Duncan Rice Library.

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Print from a networked (classroom) PC

To print from a network PC, you need to send your files to a holding queue, e.g. BW-pull-pcl on  You can retrieve your files from any MFD on campus by logging in to it using your ID card or your username & password.

  1.  For Word documents: select the File tab, then Print. For PDFs: select the printer   icon in the toolbar
  2.  Select the name of the printer, e.g. BW-pull-pcl on
     By default, the printers will print double-sided. You can edit the default settings by clicking on ‘Printer Properties’/’More settings’
  3.  When ready, click on the large ‘Print’ icon
  4.  Log in to any MFD to print your document

For more information see guide: ‘Quick guide to printing’ available at

Print from your laptop (Windows 10)

To send a job from your laptop to a networked printer, your laptop must be connected to eduroam. It is not possible to print to a University MFD from home or off-campus.

Steps for connecting your laptop to the printing network:
  1. Open the Run Command by pressing the Windows logo key + R on your keyboard or use the Windows search field search tool Windows
  2. Type the following command  \\ and press Enter or click OK
  3. Double-click on MFD-PULL-BW, then click on Install Driver. Click Yes if prompted.
  4. Repeat the above steps for MFD-PULL-COLOUR

The selected printer names should now appear on your list of printer options (screenshot) in the print dialog box. You will not need to repeat this process every time you wish to print from your laptop.

For instructions on how to set up your Mac or MacBook to the printing network, see guide: ‘Printing – Mac or MacBook OS X 10.13.6’ available at

Print using Web Print

With Web Print you can upload files to the web, assign a print queue, then log in to an MFD and collect your print jobs from the MFD as normal. Web Print is a method of printing when working on the move.

Steps for uploading files to print:
  1. Enter the following address into your browser
  2. On the Web Print page, log in with your username and password
  3. On the My Print jobs page, choose the file you wish to upload and click on Next
    If the upload is successful, you will see the following message: “Your print job has been added successfully. I will be processed automatically in a moment”
    You will then see details of your file, including date and time, file name, pages, status
  4. When processed, the file status will change from Processing to Awaiting Release
    You will see two options: Colour-Pull and Mono-Pull. For Black & White, select Mono
  5. When you are ready to send the file to print, click on the button containing the name of the required printer – this will change the file status to Printed. Retrieve the job from the MFD
  6. Log out from the top right corner of the screen

Please note that with Web Print, there is no option to print single-sided.

For details on emailing files to Web Print, see page 3 of guide: ‘Printing – Mac or PC laptops Using Web Print’ available at

How much does printing cost?

Black & White A4 single-sided 3 pence per sheet
Black & White A4 double-sided 5 pence per sheet
Colour A4 single sided 10 pence per sheet
Colour A4 double sided 19 pence per sheet

For more information see guide ‘Quick Guide to Printing’ available at

Top-up your print budget
New students start with an initial print budget of £1. Each time you use your ID card to print or copy, the relevant cost is deducted from your print budget.

To top-up your print budget, go to

  • On classroom PCs, access the PrintManage system by using the Desktop shortcut
  • On personal laptops/PCs, go to and switch user to Use another account 

You will need to log in to the system using your username (e.g. u01abc01) and password. All payments are made in exact multiples of £1 and minimum payment is £5 with maximum payment being £20.

Cash payments can be made in person in the following locations:

  • Medical Library (Foresterhill): Issue Desk
  • The Sir Duncan Rice Library: Hardback Café
  • Students’ Union Building (formerly known as “The Hub”): The Bear Essentials shop
To check your balance:

Swipe your card on the MFD and tap the Pull Print icon. At the top left of the window you will see your name, the number of documents in your printing queue and the amount of credit remaining in your account.

Note: Remember to not top-up more than you need; remaining amounts are not refunded.

For more information see:

The IT service desk is located on Floor 1 of The Sir Duncan Rice Library and is open Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00. (Wednesdays: 10:45-17:00) There is also an IT service desk in the Polwarth Building, room 1:122 on the Foresterhill campus.

Logging in with your username and password

To access University IT tools and facilities such as email, wireless, and online Library resources, you must have a personal IT account with an associated username and password.

Find out more about the ways in which you can use your university username and password and your student ID by watching this very short video brought to you by our colleagues in IT.

Remember to never reveal your passwords to anyone. For further information, see document: My Identity. To find out more about your password, see the Password section in Toolkit.

The IT service desk is located on Floor 1 of The Sir Duncan Rice Library and is open Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00. (Wednesdays: 10:45-17:00) There is also an IT service desk in the Polwarth Building, room 1:122 on the Foresterhill campus.

Printing & binding dissertations: information for Taught Postgraduate students


We know that printing your dissertation and getting it bound can be stressful. Here are some tips to help you.


Before you send your document to print, make sure you’ve checked your course handbook, as that’s where you will usually find all the instructions you will need to follow, such as font size, spacing, etc.

When you send your document to print, make sure you choose the correct Printer.

  • For printing in Black & White please select option BW-pull-pcl on as the Printer.
  • For printing in Colour please select option COLOUR-pull-pcl on as the Printer. If you only wish to print certain pages in colour, please make sure you specify the range in the Settings. Please remember to retrieve the job from a Colour printer.

Colour Printers in the libraries

The colour printers in The Sir Duncan Rice Library are on Floors 1, 2, 6 and 7. There are also colour printers in the Taylor (Law) and Medical libraries – The Medical Library has a colour printing facility in both A4 & A3 size.

It can take quite a long time for the printer to receive a large document. To reduce your waiting time, you can send your document in sections, e.g. pages 1-50 and then pages 51-100.

More detailed information on printing is available on the Toolkit


Once you have finished printing your dissertation, you can have it bound at the University’s Print Shop.

There are currently two options when it comes to soft binding:

  • Comb & Ring style: plastic rings with acetate paper covers.
  • Metal style: metal spine thermal glued with acetate paper covers.

For pricing and service times, please check here.

The Print Shop operates on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

If you choose to have your dissertation both printed and bound at the Print shop, then please make sure you:

  • Use the default MSWord margins either for single or double sided (set up mirror imaging layout) printing of your dissertation.
  • Send your PDF by email preferably 3-4 days before your deadline.

Tip: During hand-in/deadline days, it’s best if you have your dissertation already printed and just visit the Print Shop well in advance to have it bound as the completion time for Comb & Ring and Metal style may be longer than the usual 30 minutes.

Remember – Library and IT staff are always happy to help!


Elaine Fitzgerald –                                                                Eleni Papadakou

Did you know…? – scanning books

To scan books, pictures and other irregular-shaped originals, use the flatbed section under the lid of the printer. To scan multiple pages from a book, you need to group them into a single email attachment. Here’s how:

1)  Hold your ID card against the log in sticker on the MFD
2)  Lift the lid and align your book with the far-left end of the flatbed, face down
3)  Tap the Scan/Fax icon
4)  Tap Email Me to send the attachment to yourself or Direct Input to type in someone
else’s email address
5)  At the bottom of the screen, tap the 1-Sided icon (Simplex/Duplex) and choose
     2-Sided, then  Close. Then tap the Auto icon (Scan Size) and select Metric Sizes:
     choose B4 or A4 depending on the orientation and size of your book

scanning books6)   Press the blue Start button to scan the 1st original 
7)   Remove the book, turn the page and place it back on the flatbed to scan the next
8)   Press the blue Start button – continue as above with any subsequent pages  
9)   Tap Finish and press the blue Start button to complete the process 
10) Remember to Log Out 

You should receive an email with your scan attached in PDF format.

Please be aware that there is a size limit when scanning to email. We recommend splitting any larger scan jobs into sections of about 20 pages at a time or the email may not be sent.

Also be aware that copyright restrictions apply. It is acceptable to scan one chapter or 5% of a book, whichever is the greater. For more information, see our Library guide: Introduction to copyright available at: