Did you know…? How to return books in TSDRL

Did you know the quickest and easiest way to return library books is at the Returns Room through the self-return machines? You will find the Returns Room on the Ground Floor of the Sir Duncan Rice Library, to the right of the main entrance.

A photo of the Returns Room slot on the ground floor interior of the Sir Duncan Rice Library.

Photo by Library staff

It’s as simple as placing the books through the slot one by one. They are removed from your borrowing record as soon as they have passed through. You don’t even need to use your ID card to return books this way.

You will also find an external slot on the right-hand side of the entrance to the Library. This is only available when the library is closed so you don’t need to wait for us to open to return your books! You will need your ID card to be able to use this.

Don’t forget to take your receipt as proof of your returned items.

Heavy Demand books can be returned in the Heavy Demand Area on Floor 1 (using the self-issue/returns machine), or at the Returns Room.

If you are returning books to the Taylor or Medical libraries, please take them to a member of staff at the issue desk. If you are returning them out-of-hours, please use the boxes provided.

If you have any problems with book returns, please speak to any member of staff, or email library@abdn.ac.uk.

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