The Sir Duncan Rice Library: 24-hour opening and Floor 5 silent study before and during Exams

The Sir Duncan Rice Library will open at 11.00 on Sunday 23 April, and stay open continuously until 22.00 on Friday 12 May 2023.

Over this period, it is important that you are aware of the following:

  • Swipe access only after 22.00 – please ensure you have your ID card, as access will not be permitted without it.
  • The PCs require a nightly shutdown (lasting about ten minutes) and reboot for essential maintenance. This will happen at 04.00, and you will be given an option to delay this for 2 hours.
  • Essential cleaning of the building will be carried out overnight between 02.00 and 06.00, which may result in some disruption.
  • Look after yourselves and your belongings – take breaks, but do not leave your personal belongings unattended.
  • Take care if leaving the library in the early hours – travel with friends if possible.

Please respect the building and your fellow library users:

  1. Hot and cold drinks in covered containers can be consumed in the library.
  2. Cold food can be consumed in the same locations – but not if it is has a strong smell or is noisy! (Remember – no hot food allowed apart from the café area on the ground floor).
  3. Tidy up after yourself – use the bins which are available on each of the floors.
  4. Keep talk to the group study areas to allow others to study.
  5. Please go to the stairwells to make/take phone calls

Please note that during this period, the whole of Floor 5 in The Sir Duncan Rice Library will once again operate as a Silent Study area.

Silent Study: Floor 5 of The Sir Duncan Rice Library, Sunday 23 April to Friday 12 May. Looking for a place to study? There are a range of study spaces throughout The Sir Duncan Rice Library, allowing silent, quiet and collaborative study. Facebook, twitter accounts: @aberdeenunilib. BeWell:

Students are required to observe the following rules on Floor 5:

  • No discussions, conversations, or phone/video calls
  • No noisy food
  • No loud music from headphones
  • Please go to the stairwells to make/take phone calls or hold conversations.

In addition to the Floor 5 Silent Study Space, our designated Silent Study rooms on Floors 3, 4, 5 and 6 on the south side of the building will operate as normal. The Silent Study room on Floor 6 (Room 624) is the only Silent Study room in the building where electronic devices are not allowed.

Elsewhere in the building, we encourage all users to keep noise and conversations to a minimum. Library staff will be readily available throughout the Library to promote an environment conducive to study.

If you require space for group discussion and collaborative working, have you considered booking a space across our different libraries? See our website for further details.

Please report any problems to security staff on duty – in person (Information Centre,
Floor 1, TSDRL) or by phone (01224 273330).

Also check out the opening hours for our other two Library sites, as Taylor and Medical will not be open 24/7 during these dates.

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