Did you Know?….How to print using MFDs

Any printing on campus is via networked multi-function devices (MFDs). You can send files for printing from a classroom PC or your personal laptop. There are printers in or near all PC classrooms and at least one printer on each floor of The Sir Duncan Rice Library.

Print from a networked (classroom) PC

To print from a network PC, you need to send your files to a holding queue, e.g. Pull-print-mono on PrintD.uoa.abdn.ac.uk.  You can retrieve your files from any MFD on campus by logging in to it using your ID card or your username & password.

  1.  For Word documents: select the File tab, then Print. For PDFs: select the printer   icon in the toolbar
  2.  Select the name of the printer, e.g. Pull-print-mono on PrintD.uoa.abdn.ac.uk
     By default, the printers will print double-sided. You can edit the default settings by clicking on ‘Printer Properties’/’More settings’
  3.  When ready, click on the large ‘Print’ icon
  4.  Log in to any MFD to print your document

Print from your laptop

To send a job from your laptop to a networked printer, your laptop must be connected to eduroam. In order to do this, please see the following guides on Toolkit:

  1. Wireless Connection-Windows 10
  2. Wireless Connection-Mac
  3. Wireless Connection-Chromebook
  4. Wireless Connection iPad
  5. Wireless Connection iPhone
  6. Wireless Connection Android

You can also access information here about connecting to eduroam from other institutions, and how to connect to the wired eduroam service.

Print using PaperCut

With PaperCut you can upload files directly to our network from your own devices, whether you are on the move or working off campus. Once you’re back on campus, you can use our MFDs to print your documents. All you need to do this are your University log in details and a device connected to the internet.

Steps for uploading files to print:
  1. Enter the following address into your browser: https://printmanage.abdn.ac.uk/
  2. On the PaperCut page, log in with your username and password
  3. Click on Web Print, and then select Submit a Job. Select either a Greyscale or Colour Printer and the number of copies, and then Upload your Document.
  4. If the upload is successful, you will see your document(s) listed in the Print Queue (you may notice that details will change from ‘Submitted’ to ‘Rendering Job‘ as it is processed.
    You will also see details of your file, including date and time, file name, pages, status
  5. When processed, the file status will change from Rendering Job to Held in Queue.
    You will see two options: Colour-Pull and Mono-Pull. For Black & White, select Mono
  6. When you are ready to send the file to print, click on the button containing the name of the required printer – this will change the file status to Printed. Retrieve the job from the MFD
  7. Log out from the top right corner of the screen

Please note that with Web Print, there is no option to print A3 sized documents.

For more information and advice, please consult the ‘Remote Printing via a Web Browser’ guide.

How much does printing cost?

  • A4 Black & White single sided 4p per sheet
  • A4 Black & White double sided 7p per sheet
  • A4 Colour single sided 10p per sheet
  • A4 Colour double sided 19p per sheet

For more information, please see ‘Print charges and paying for printing.

Top-up your print budget
New students start with an initial print budget of £1. Each time you use your ID card to print or copy, the relevant cost is deducted from your print budget.

To top-up your print budget, go to https://printmanage.abdn.ac.uk/

  • On classroom PCs, access the PrintManage system by using the Desktop shortcut
  • On personal laptops/PCs, go to https://printmanage.abdn.ac.uk/ and switch user to Use another account 

You will need to log in to the system using your username (e.g. u01abc01) and password. All payments are made in exact multiples of £1 and minimum payment is £5 with maximum payment being £20.

To check your balance:

Swipe your card on the MFD and tap the Pull Print icon. At the top left of the window you will see your name, the number of documents in your printing queue and the amount of credit remaining in your account.

Note: Remember to not top-up more than you need; remaining amounts are not refunded.

For more information see: www.abdn.ac.uk/it/student/print/index.php#panel1234

The IT service desks are located on Floor 1 of The Sir Duncan Rice Library & Room 1:122, Polwarth Building on the Foresterhill campus. They are open Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00. (Wednesdays: 10:45-17:00; Polwarth desk closes daily 13.00-14.00)

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