Congratulations from the Library to all Graduating students

Graduations will be taking place next week on the Old Aberdeen campus, From Monday June 17 until Friday June 21, and The Sir Duncan Rice Library will be a playing a small part. The videowall on the ground floor of the building will be streaming the ceremonies while the Library is open so that family and friends unable to get tickets will still be able to watch live. 

For those using the Library during this time please be aware that there may be graduating students in the building. They will be reminded that people are still making use of the building and to please be considerate when moving around the library. For those still studying please remember that there are silent study rooms on Floors 3-6, where you will be sure to find peace and quiet.  

The Sir Duncan Rice Library will still close at 8pm each day that Graduations are happening. 

All staff at the Library Service would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of those students graduating this summer.  

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