Did you know…? – Using the different bins correctly

green recycling symbol

Did you know that most takeaway coffee cups (including the ones from University catering outlets) are not currently recycled? However the plastic lid and card sleeve can be recycled.

The University currently recycles 65% of its waste and is well on the way to achieving the target of 70% recycled by 2025 that was set by the Scottish Government as part of the Zero Waste Scotland Plan.

The things which can be recycled in the green mixed recycling bins include: plastic bottles and tubs, metal cans and foil trays, non-confidential paper and thin card. Here’s a handy poster showing what can and can’t be recycled- https://www.abdn.ac.uk/staffnet/images/layout/DMR_Recycle_Here(2).pdf.

Important- contaminating recycling with food or liquids can lead to whole loads being thrown away! Please rinse food and drink containers to avoid this.

We have special grey bins for confidential paper waste, which can be found next to the MFDs in the library.

Most other waste goes in the black/white general waste bins. The only thing to avoid here is hazardous waste. This includes electrical items, batteries, chemicals and clinical waste.

Of course, best practice is to cut down on your waste as much as possible to start with.

Thanks for being responsible citizens! 😊

Elaine Fitzgerald, e.fitzgerald@abdn.ac.uk  

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