Microform collection now available again

The relocation of the microform collection within The Sir Duncan Rice Library (TSDRL) has now been completed, so that our users are again able to consult, and print from, our wide-ranging collection of often fascinating materials in miniature.

microfiche inside

Microfiche Area on Floor 2 of TSDRL

They are now located on Floor 2 of TSDRL, on the east side of the building. The microform reader and some of the collection are housed in the reader carrel on that floor, with the majority of the collection being kept on shelves located just outside the reader carrel.

The collection contains miniaturised Times and New York Times dating back to the 18th and 19th Centuries respectively, alongside some intriguingly titled materials, such as Hibernian Horrors and, dating from 1928, Five hundred Eskimo words: a comparative vocabulary from Greenland and central Eskimo dialects. The collection contains some valuable resources which we just do not have access to in any other format.

To find these resources on Primo simply include “microform” when you are doing a search.

If you need any help with using this collection please speak with the library staff based at our Information Centre on Floor 1 of TSDRL.


Ewan Grant, e.grant@abdn.ac.uk

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