The Library Warmly Welcomes Applicants to the University of Aberdeen

atrium interior


Now that the dust has settled after the two applicant days last month we just wanted to update our readers with the news that the two days were a great success.

The sun shone on both days, which always makes things easier as the campus is so beautiful on a lovely sunny day. Potential new students, parents and guardians had a great time across the campus learning about all that the University of Aberdeen has to offer.

The library tours went very well, with The Sir Duncan Rice Library being a great draw for all visitors to the campus. Over the two days we took over 500 people round the library on official tours, alongside the many others who went round under their own steam. It was a great opportunity to show these potential students our resources and services, and also show them a great bird’s-eye view of the campus and the city beyond from floor 7 of TSDRL.

And one of the great things about taking new visitors round TSDRL is that it reminds you just how stunning a building it is, to study or work in, when you see the reactions of people who have never visited before. There is a reason the TSDRL is often included in lists of the most beautiful libraries in the world! See below…



The campus at Old Aberdeen will be busy this week with prospective new students as the University hosts two of its Applicant Days. The Science & Engineering Day takes place on Wednesday 25th and the Arts and Social Sciences Day will be on Friday 27th.

The Sir Duncan Rice Library (TSDRL) is one of the venues that will be warmly welcoming potential students through its doors. For those of you who currently use the TSDRL I’m sure you can understand why they might want to come in and have a look around our stunning library, and also to see the wonderful views of the sea, the campus and the wider city.

So, please understand that the TSDRL will be a bit busier than usual on Wednesday and Friday as people come in to have a look around. It is an important time in the University’s calendar and as the library is an integral part of the University experience people will want to visit.

We will do all we can to keep any disturbance to a minimum, by restricting any formal tours to the ground floor and floor 7 only. So, to our current students, and staff, who use the TSDRL we thank you in advance for your understanding and patience while these important events take place.

Further information on the Applicants Days is available here.

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