Solar eclipse – view from the Library

eclipse crop 1

This morning’s solar eclipse was rather impressive, despite preceding weather reports which suggested that we might see nothing at all due to cloudy conditions. The Sir Duncan Rice Library offered excellent views of the event, with all 3 meeting rooms on the 7th floor bustling with staff and students eager to watch proceedings unfold. Several pairs of dark glasses had thoughtfully been provided, and as the sky went dark we could see crowds of people outside gazing to the heavens as the semi-dark cast an eerie atmosphere across the campus and far out to sea. The passing clouds also created a slight rainbow effect, which you can hopefully just about discern in the photos here.

eclipse crop 2

Hopefully you were able to enjoy it yourself. If not then never fear, there’ll be another good one along in 2026. In the meantime, why not go and read the Tintin classic Prisoners of the Sun, in which a total solar eclipse plays a key part in events? Now that’s what I call making good use of an inter library loan.


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