Book Sale next week in The Sir Duncan Rice Library

Starting next Monday, 6 October, we are holding a book sale in The Sir Duncan Rice Library. There will be around 60 metres of books on sale on the first floor of the library, next to the information centre. If you are struggling to visualise just how many books that is, 60 metres is about the length of 7 London buses. Or 2 average-sized blue whales. That’s a lot of books.

While that may be a lot of books, you won’t need to take a lot of money with you to walk away with armfuls of books, as the books on offer are being sold at really low prices. Hardback books will set you back 50 pence each, and paperbacks a mere 25 pence.

The books on sale are unneeded duplicates and they cover a wide range of subjects. There should be something to suit all interests and tastes, whether you are looking for extra study materials or simply something to read for pleasure.

So, please do pop in by all next week to see if you can pick up some bargains as the book sale will only be running until the Sunday of next week, 12 October.

When: 6 – 12 October, 2014

Where: The Sir Duncan Rice Library, Floor 1


Ewan Grant,

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