INFO: Library – wired access to network

Almost 140 study desks in The Sir Duncan Rice Library now have wired access to the University network. Look for the study desks that have blue eduroam stickers on the network ports next to the power sockets. The desks are available on Floors 1 – 7 and although mainly located along the windows on the east and west of the building, this isn’t the case for every floor.  

A short network cable is installed at each relevant computer – please do not remove the cable.

If you do not want to use the wi-fi service instructions on how to access the network using the wired service are available from or use the QR barcode given on the instruction notice next to the eduroam network port. Following the instuctions will ensure that your laptop is correctly configured to use the wired service.

Comments and feedback on the wired service are welcome. If you have any technical difficulties please contact the IT service desk or speak with the member of IT staff on the IT help desk at the Floor 1 Information Desk in The Sir Duncan Rice Library (Monday – Friday – core hours).

Susan McCourt,

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