Sheet Maps: unearth treasures in the Sir Duncan Rice Library

The Sir Duncan Rice Library has a wide range of under-explored maps, local and international, some of which are held in easily accessible map cabinets on the first floor of the library. These are sheet maps, mainly Ordnance Survey, but many are historical and local.

If you are searching for the nearest stone circle in Turriff, the oldest and first cinema in Aberdeen (this happens to be at the beach), or historical curiosities, for example that well-known Aberdeen landmark at the harbour, the “Cake and Manure Manufactory” of 1901 (not something you want to “get your teeth into”) then these maps held on floor 1 are for you.

Detail of the Cake and Manure Manufactory, 1901

Detail of the Cake and Manure Manufactory, Ordnance Survey map, City parish of Aberdeen, Aberdeen harbour (Victoria Dock), Sheet 75.11.20, 1901

A list of these sheet maps held in the first map cabinet on Floor 1 has been published as a reference tool and guide, and a printed copy can be found for reference in the cabinet, with three more to come for the other cabinets as part of an ongoing project over the next year. Land survey maps of Germany and agricultural maps of Austria are also in the diverse listing.

Find these on Floor 1 in the Sir Duncan Rice Library

Contents Page for sheet maps in Cabinet 1

These maps are useful for research in more than just geography e.g. the development of crofting in 19th century Scotland, based on the maps relating to the 6th Crofters Commission of 1892. Those studying archaeology may have gone on a “dig” as part of your course. Why not go on a “dig” in the Sir Duncan Rice Library and unearth unexpected treasures in the map cabinets. Seek and you shall find.

By Iain Mcdiarmid, Senior Information Assistant, Floor 3.
tel: 01224 272588

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