Four tips for avoiding library fines


We’ve done a lot of work recently to make it easier for you to reduce your library fines, and save your pennies, which you can read more about on the LSC&M News pages. Here are a few tips which will help:

• Renew items online in your library account. You can renew most items up to 23:59 of the day they are due, even if the Library is closed (unless the item is requested by another person, or has reached the maximum number of renewals)

• Check your University e-mail account regularly. We’ll send you reminders of when items are due, and overdue notices if you’ve missed or forgotten any.The sooner you respond, the lower the fine.

• Can’t return the item for some reason? Contact the Library on 01224 273330 as soon as possible if you’re having problems – maybe we can help. At least we’ll know there’s a problem.

• Return items by their due date/time. Sounds simple, but using the Library is free if you return items on time.

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