Ebrary offers options to download content for offline use


ebrary PDF file in iBook

Around 70,000 titles in the Ebrary Academic Complete Collection can now be downloaded for offline use on your computer and mobile devices. Look out for the Download button in each record in your search results, or on the toolbar in QuickView.

You have a choice of two download options:

  1. Create a PDF file of a specific chapter or page range, up to a maximum of 40 pages*, to read on your computer or on mobile devices such as the iPad, Kindle, Kobo, Nook and Sony Reader. PDF files can be kept indefinitely.
  2. Download a whole book using Adobe Digital Editions, a piece of free software for Windows and Mac that can be installed on your computer via the ebrary download window. You can use your bookshelf, navigate documents, search text, create bookmarks, print and much more using Adobe Digital Editions. A book downloaded by this method automatically expires after fourteen days and is unusable, but it is possible to ‘borrow’ the book again.

*Please remember that copyright restrictions apply to electronic material which is why a 40 page limit for downloads is imposed. Guidance on copyright can be found in library guide QG GEN008 Copyright, Photocopying & Scanning – Your Responsibilities.

NOTE: around ten titles, purchased individually, have single user access and are not available to download using Adobe Digital Solutions.

Elaine Shallcross

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