Important Notice: Scanning Copyright Material for MyAberdeen

Just a reminder that any copyright material scanned for inclusion in MyAberdeen (journal articles, chapters/sections from books) must be accompanied by two copies of the Scanning Record Sheet available at:

One completed copy should be attached to the item to be included in the VLE, and the other copy forwarded to me. 

Please note that a scanning record sheet needs to be completed each time an item is re-used for subsequent classes, so even if you filled in a sheet last session, you will have to complete a new one to include the course code, duration of the course and number of registered students. 

Finally, please remove any scanned copyright items from MyAberdeen that you do not  plan to use during this academic term.  You may however retain a back-up copy which you can re-install for use in future courses as required.

If you have any queries regarding scanning of copyright items for inclusion in MyAberdeen, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Mary Mowat
Copyright Officer

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