Get to the heart of Lexis®Library

Lexis®Library now has a useful new feature that will help researchers in the legal field. The new facility – LexisNavigator – allows users to easily and quickly find detailed definitions of many legal terms that they may come across as they read materials on Lexis®Library.

There are two ways in which this new facility can be used, both from the Lexis®Library home page.

The simplest way is to make use of the “Find a Legal Term” search box in the “Quick Find” section of the home page. When searching for a definition, Lexis®Library will offer alternatives, in the same way Google now does. Once the legal term has been chosen and the search run, alongside the definition returned, users are also presented with links to relevant cases, legislation, commentary and further related legal terms contained elsewhere within the database. Please be aware that information contained in the definition may point to sources that we do not subscribe to.

Definitions are also found by searches in the “Explore” section of the home page. This option allows users to narrow their search to certain material types. At the top of the result list there is a link to related legal definitions.

At present 850 legal terms have been compiled, defined and indexed. LexisNexis are keen for users of the database to make suggestions for terms that they would like to see included in the index of definitions. Email suggestions to

Ewan Grant


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