New British Standards service

We now have access to selected modules of the British Standards Online (BSOL) service.  The subscription is for one concurrent user and allows access to British Standards within the following 5 important modules supporting research and teaching needs in engineering and related disciplines:

  • GBM16 – Energy & Heat Transfer Engineering
  • GBM38 – Chemical Technology
  • GBM39 – Mining & Petroleum Technologies
  • GBM40 – Metallurgy
  • GBM48 – Construction In General

Access is via IP authentication at So, if working off-campus you can access BSOL provided you have set the proxy on a browser on your PC (

You can search by standard number or keyword(s) across the full BSOL service and all documents will be listed. However, there will only be full text links (green ticks) against documents in the modules that we have paid for. Non-subscribed standards will have a red “no entry” symbol and the words “Not in your subscription” against them.

Further information on the service is available from Susan McCourt (, x3287)


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