MAINTENANCE DOWNTIME: Scopus and ScienceDirect

A message from Elsevier:

“The next release for ScienceDirect and Scopus is scheduled for Saturday, December 1…[D]uring this scheduled maintenance there may be minor disruptions to some ScienceDirect and Scopus functionality.

 …In addition, we are excited to extend our full internet browser coverage to include Google Chrome and Safari…Firefox, IE 7, 8 and 9 are fully covered. Now users of these browsers can enjoy the full functionality of ScienceDirect and Scopus including Safari users on the iPad.”

Elaine Shallcross

SERVICE DISRUPTION: Scopus and ScienceDirect

A planned upgrade to SciVerse Scopus and ScienceDirect is planned from 12:30PM GMT Saturday, March 17th to 1:30 AM Sunday, March 18th 2012. Temporary service disruptions may occur while accessing these databases. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

New look for Scopus (and other SciVerse products)

Been into the Scopus database and ended up thinking you were in Web of Science? With little fanfare, or much advance notice, Elsevier’s Sciverse  interface  for the Scopus and ScienceDirect databases was upgraded on Sunday 26 February resulting in a number of changes to the interface – lots more detail available at, or just access Scopus at and try out a search!

Improvements have been made to the results display e.g. no need to Add a category to find out about document types as this is now a default option. And if you are interested in trying out the beta version of the SciVerse Hub facility you’ll find that there have been a number of improvements there too with de-duplication of results and new icons to identify document types.

So, there’s a changed look to some of the screens with intuitive and easier to use options. Library workshops on the SciVerse database interface will be available soon but in the meantime try them out and if you have any queries just get in touch!

Susan McCourt,