Potential noise disturbance in The Sir Duncan Rice Library – 15 to 22 July

There will be important work carried out in The Sir Duncan Rice Library from Monday 15 to Friday 22 July 2019 and we would like to apologise in advance for any noise resulting from the work.

The activities which will take place during that week are:

  • Insulation repairs on the roof
  • Replacement of classroom PCs across all floors
  • Carpet replacement in the North stairwell*

*With regards to the work taking place in the North stairwell, please note that there will be no access from the Ground Floor, therefore we kindly ask that you use the lifts instead. The South stairwells can also be used, but are only accessible between Floors 1 and 6.

If you are affected by the potential noise and require a quieter area, please make use of our Silent Study rooms on Floors 3-6. Alternatively, the Taylor Library is also open on the Old Aberdeen campus.

We apologise for the disturbance and any inconvenience.

Eleni Borompoka, eleni.boro@abdn.ac.uk –                                                                Eleni Papadakou, e.papadakou@abdn.ac.uk

PC availability app


Did you know you that there is a web app with live updates that you can check in order to locate a free PC on campus?

You can also get to this webpage through the Classroom PCs folder within the Toolkit or, via this path:

  • Go to the
    For Students webpage (Students’ Infohub: www.abdn.ac.uk/infohub/)
  • Choose the
    Find a free PC link under the Quick Links list on the right-hand side

EleniPapadakou, e.papadakou@abdn.ac.uk

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Walk-In Users service

Did you know that the Library offers a Walk-In Users service, which allows members of the public to access electronic resources where licensing conditions permit? There are dedicated computer terminals located on Floor 1 and 2 of the Sir Duncan Rice Library.  There is no access off-campus.

This service is only available when library staff are on duty and you are expected to do the searching yourself. Printing is not possible so bring your own memory stick to download material within copyright regulations.

What you can do What you cannot do Who can use the service
The resources may be used for educational purposes only Use for commercial or business purposes is strictly forbidden Anyone who is not currently a registered student or employee of the University
Information may be saved to a memory stick Printing is not possible This can be a member of the public, a teacher or senior pupil from a local school
Within copyright law it is permissible to download 1 article from a journal issue or 1 chapter from a book Multiple downloading is illegal and is carefully monitored by the database provider An honorary or ex-member of University staff who has no University network access
Pass on the information to other users
Access other areas of the university network

How to use this service

To register for the service, please visit The Sir Duncan Rice Library. You will need to provide photographic ID e.g. passport and verification of your address e.g. utility bill.  You will be asked to read and sign Terms and Conditions and complete a registration form.  An access pass will be issued and this, along with the membership, is renewable.

To use the service, please go to the Information Desk on the First Floor to sign in and you will be issued with a Smartcard to operate the dedicated Walk-In Users PCs.

What is available?

Access to many of the Library’s extensive range of full-text and bibliographic databases is available. Availability and access varies and please be aware that access is subject to strict licensing permissions and copyright law.  The databases and e-journals are organised under the following headings:

  • Cross Disciplinary
  • Business, Law and Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Sciences

Help screens are available and many of the resources have tutorials.

Please follow the link detailed below for brief tips to use in conjunction with the tutorials on how to make the most out of them, along with full details of Terms and Conditions:


This link also provides details of the various suppliers and a brief summary of what they provide.

Any questions about this service should be directed to:

Email: library@abdn.ac.uk or Tel.: 01224 273330

Mhorag Watson, mhorag.watson@abdn.ac.uk



PC availability app

Did you know you that there is a web app with live updates that you can check in order to locate a free PC on campus?

You can also get to this webpage through the Classroom PCs folder within the Toolkit or, via this path:

  • Go to the For Students webpage (Students’ Infohub: www.abdn.ac.uk/infohub/)
  • Choose the Find a free PC link under the Quick Links list on the right-hand side

Eleni Papadakou, e.papadakou@abdn.ac.uk

How is the building arranged?

New in the library? Read on for a whistle-stop tour of all floors in The Sir Duncan Rice Library!

Lower Ground Floor
Special Collections Centre: home to the University’s historic collections of books, manuscripts and archives. Facilities and services in Special Collections include the Glucksman Conservation Centre, a listening room, a microfilm room and lockers.

Ground Floor
Here you will find the Welcome Desk, the Returns Room, the Hardback Café, a short-stay PC area and the self-registration and public information PCs. Don’t forget to visit the Gallery and check out the Canaletto exhibition between January 21 and February 22.

The Sir Duncan Rice Library is home to about 400,000 books and hundreds of journal titles in paper format. Students & staff at the University of Aberdeen also have access to over 200,000 e-books, 20,000 e-journals and 200 databases.

Subjects and collections are distributed as follows in The Sir Duncan Rice Library:
(Numbers in brackets indicate the location of items on shelves)

Floor 1

Information Centre, IT service desk, Heavy Demand, maps, DVDs and current newspapers collections

Floor 2

Print journals collection

Floor 3

History (900)
Geography (910)
Biography and Genealogy (920)
Archaeology (930)

Floor 4

Art (700)
Architecture (720)
Music (780)
Film (790)
Literature (800)

Floor 5

Language (400)
Linguistics (410)
Languages (420-490)
Science (500)
Mathematics (510)
Physics (530)
Chemistry (540)
Earth Sciences & Geology (550)
Life Sciences & Biology (570)
Botany (580)
Zoology (590)
Technology (600)
Engineering (620)
Management (650)

History and Philosophy of Science (Sc prefix)

Floor 6

Social Sciences, Sociology and Anthropology (300)
Politics & International Relations (320)
Economics (330)
Education (370)

Floor 7

Computer Science (000)
Philosophy (100)
Psychology (150)
Religion (200)

On every floor beside the MFDs, there are notice boards with detailed shelfmark information 

Other useful information regarding study spaces and help & services available:

  • PC classrooms: Floor 2 (but more PCs throughout the library)
  • Silent study rooms and co-labs: Floors 3-6
  • Group study rooms: Floor 1 & 7
  • Group study pods: Floor 1
  • Assistive technology booths: Floors 1 & 4
  • Reader carrel: Floor 3
  • Information Points (for help with subject-related inquiries): Floors 3-6
  • Self-issue machines and MFDs (printers): Floors 1-7 (no self-issue machine on Floor 2)
  • Teaching Resources Collection: Floor 6
  • Music Resources room: Floor 1
  • Toilets and water fountains can be found on all floors
  • First Aid room: Floor 1


Useful guide to the library:

Library induction (video):


Eleni Borompoka, eleni.boro@abdn.ac.uk

INFO: PC upgrades – Floor 2 TSDRL (Thu 25 July)

The PCs in PC classrooms 1, 2 and 3 (Rooms 226, 227 and 230) of  The Sir Duncan Rice Library (TSDRL) will be upgraded on Thursday 25 July. The PCs should be available for use later in that afternoon. Specialised software installed in PC classroom 3 (Room 230) will take longer to upgrade and may not be available until late on Friday afternoon.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused – please use alternative PCs which are located throughout the library.

Susan McCourt, s.mccourt@abdn.ac.uk