New on the shelf: The solemn league and covenant of the three kingdoms and the Cromwellian Union, 1643-1663 by Dr Kirsteen MacKenzie


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Here is a portion of the publisher’s description:
“This book provides the first major analysis of the covenanted interest from an integrated three kingdoms perspective. It examines the reaction of the covenanted interest to the actions and policies of the Commonwealth and Protectorate, drawing particular attention to links, similarities and differences in and between the covenanted interest in all three kingdoms. It also follows the fortunes of the covenanted interest and Presbyterian Church government as it built and changed in response to the Royalists and the Independents during the 1650s.”


Head to the publisher’s website to find out more.

Dr Kirsteen M MacKenzie is an academic historian who specialises in early modern British and Irish history (c.1603 – 1788). Dr MacKenzie has published many articles on British and Irish politics, religion and diplomacy in the mid-seventeenth century.

Dr MacKenzie has worked at the Universities of Dundee and Aberdeen. Most recently she was a Lecturer in History at the University of Aberdeen.

To find out about the book’s availability, follow the link: The solemn league and covenant of the three kingdoms and the Cromwellian Union, 1643-1663

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