JoVE: mobile access now available

Copyright 2015 JoVE

Copyright 2015 JoVE

Do you want to see how to conduct a particular Biological procedure rather than just read about it? If the answer to that is Yes then perhaps accessing our subscription to the Biology module within JoVE (Journal of Visualised Experiments) would be of interest to you.

And to make it even more convenient to use two new mobile apps and a newly optimised version of the JoVE website have just been released enabling seamless access to content from any mobile device. You can now view JoVE videos (from the Biology module) on your iPhone, Android, tablet or other mobile device.

To download JoVE Mobile, search for ‘JoVE’ in the Apple App Store or in Google Play.

If you are not using a mobile device you can link to JoVE from Primo as normal.

Important note: JoVE covers many topic areas however, for cost reasons, we subscribe only to articles within the Biology module (look for the articles coded B).

Susan McCourt,

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