Library Guides – how to do just about anything!

help-99085_1280Did you know that the University’s Library, Museums and Special Collections have produced a wide-ranging series of factsheets designed to help you with all aspects of using the University’s vast range of resources? From the simple stuff such as how to find a book to more in-depth guides on how to use specific databases like LION, Medline and Westlaw or referencing software such as RefWorks, there’s a guide out there to assist you with pretty much anything that you’re trying to do. IT Services also have their own range of guides to help with technical matters such as printing, configuring your wireless connection and using various software.

New guides just added include one on using the Linkbuilder tool on Westlaw UK and a quick guide to the OGEL database.

Guides can be found under the Help and Support tab on the Library homepage. Have a look and see if there’s something there that can help you!

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