3-Day-Loans: Further Service Improvement

Previously you told us you’d like e-mail reminders for when your 3-day-loans were due, so we introduced this in August 2013. In order to help you manage your loans and time we now want to take this a step further, by automatically renewing your 3-day-loans for you, where possible.

Please note that another reader may request any item you have on loan at any time, so it will not always be possible to renew for you. You will have to check the e-mail reminder we send as it will tell you whether or not you have to bring an item back (and be aware that you will be fined if the item is not returned on time.)

We hope this will mean fewer fines for forgetting to renew 3-day-loans, and that you find this to be a useful enhancement to our service.

Information Centre,
Floor 1,
The Sir Duncan Rice Library.

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