INFO: New full-text content – ASME conference proceedings

University of Aberdeen staff and students now have access to full-text ASME conference proceedings (2008 onwards) under a new electronic deal negotiated by the Scottish Higher Education Digital Library (SHEDL). The conference papers are a welcome addition to the existing 20+ electronic journals that we subscribed to within the ASME Digital Collection. The conferences, produced under the auspices of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, cover many aspects of engineering including pipelines, energy, offshore mechanics and oil and gas and are available from:

Some things to be aware of:

• Records will appear in the library catalogue in due course but in the meantime please access the papers directly from the ASME site
• Some of the new material will be switched on in our SFX linking service so that if a subscribed ASME conference paper appears in a database such as Scopus you will be able to link through to the full-text in ASME. However, this may not operate for all of our subscribed years (2008 onwards)
• The ASME Digital Collection website includes all of ASME’s electronic material but for conferences we have access only to those published from 2008 onwards
• You can register for a free account within ASME to set up alerts and take advantage of other features
• IMPORTANT: The ASME service is authenticated using IP address. If you are on-campus then you are automatically recognised. If you are off-campus you must set the proxy on a browser. If you forget to do this you will get into the ASME site but will be prompted to pay to view individual conference papers even if they are in the 2008 onwards date range. (Don’t pay – set the proxy!). Information on proxy setting is available at and

Susan McCourt,
Principal Information Consultant – Engineering, Physical & Life Sciences

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